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Saddlers, 2 Stable Close, West Mersea, Colchester, Essex, CO5 8HP

We are based on Mersea Island, near the city of Colchester, in Essex , an hour away from London. I am a mobile make-up artist and also travel to other locations to do make-up.


Colchester, (Camulodunum), is the perfect location for historical film sets & is Britain's first city & was the first capital city of Britain. Surrounded by ancient Roman history, the Roman Balkerne Gate, Roman circus, Roman theatre & Colchester Castle, it is surrounded with the history of Boadicea's rebellion uprising against the Romans, (the Celtic warrior leader of the Iceni tribe), where she successfully defeated the Roman 9th legion. A layer of burnt earth can be seen by archaeologists from the Boadicean rebellion period, where she burnt Colchester to the ground & famously slaughtered the Romans sheltering in the temple, which is now where the castle is. The Norman castle was built over the Roman temple of Claudius & was a dummy run for the Tower of London.

East Anglia in Essex, is famous for it's history of witches & Matthew Hopkins, the Witch Finder General, responsible for the execution for over 100 alleged witches during the English civil war, some of whom were imprisoned in the Colchester Castle before their trial. Colchester is home to the Old Siege House which still has bullet holes from the English Civil War.

An Anglo Saxon ship is being reconstructed in Woodbridge in nearby Suffolk, close to the famous Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon burial site.

West Mersea barrow on Mersea Island, (Grim's Hoe), is home to a burial mound, thought to be a Roman burial mound, surrounded by legend of 2 Viking brothers fighting for the love of a woman. Mersea being home to the retired Roman soldiers, the Strood is allegedly haunted by a Roman Centurian ghost.

Nearby Rendelsham in Suffok boasts a UFO mystery.

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