One Day Casualty Simulation Advanced Masterclass

Learn how to colour & apply wounds, such as bullet wounds, lacerations, animal scratches and cuts, while putting make-ups into context scenarios through correct text and picture referencing. and health and safety basics.

Option 1: Group kit and materials

Option 2: Kits and materials for each individual

Prices: Starting from £1,100. All prices include kit

Basic One Day Special Effects Make-Up Demonstration

Watch and learn as I apply special effects make-up and prosthetics and show you the tricks of the trade. How to make things look 3D and using a magical trick of the eye. With health an safety basics and questions and answers.

Option 1: Watch and learn as I apply and paint a professional special effect make-up from start to finish.

Option 2: Watch and learn as I show you a variety of different techniques and materials that are used to create a special effect make-up, including latex, flour, tissue, cotton wool, wax, sculpt gel, gelatine and silicone. Learn which to use and when and how to choose your materials for your desired make-up look and budget.

Prices starting from £300. All prices include kit.

Advanced Prosthetic Appliance Sculpting & Mould Making Workshops

Learn how to design and create your own prosthetics kit! Learn how to sculpt, create a 3 D effect and depth, learn which materials to use & make the mould for later use for your prosthetic appliance to use on set for application and painting for a special effects make-up look. This can be anything from a wound, cut, laceration, to a bullet wound, zombie bite or animal scratch. Learn the health and safety basics.

Prices starting from £735. All prices include kit.

Advanced Life Casting and Props Making Workshop

Learn how to make a severed finger or thumb prop for set or for Halloween using the life casting technique. Learn how to make a plaster master copy to keep for mould making. Learn the health and safety basics.

Prices starting from £851. All prices include kit.

Previous Workshops

Arabella has taught at schools, colleges and youth groups, including ALRA Drama School, Colchester Institute, John Ruskin Sixth Form College, Masbro Youth Centre, Groundwork East Youth Club, Queen Street, Colchester and at her Mersea Island studio. Arabella has also designed and applied prosthetic make-up for corporate team days, including skin cancer workshops for the pharmaceutical company Cuttsy and Cuttsy.

Course Enquiries and Booking Workshops

We do workshops for individuals, schools, colleges & youth groups, corporate team days & for Halloween events. To enquire about workshops availability and prices and any other queries, please email:, or call: 07593082563