Edge of Tomorrow/ (Feature Film)/ Warner Bros/ Kristyan Mallett Make-Up Effects/ Prosthetics Department Trainee/ Director: Doug Liman/ (featuring Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt, worldwide cinemas)

The Wild/ (Feature Film)/ Flying Pig Productions/ Curzon Cinema, Colchester/ Special Effects Make-Up/ Director: Charlie Palmer

Various Film & Television/ Lifecast Ltd, Elstree Studios/ Life Cast Work Experience/ Director: John Schoonraad/ (featuring Nick Moran)

Knightfall_ Film/ (Promo)/ Rampage Studios/ Lead Make-Up/ Hair/ Director: Ben Campbell

The Leprechaun's Game/ Proportion Productions/ Special Effects & Prosthetics Assistant/ Director: Louisa Warren/ Producer: Scott Chambers

Faith Movie/ (Feature Film)/ Underdog Crew Studios/ Special Effects & Prosthetics Make-Up/ Director: Dom Morgan/ (featuring Frank Jake)

The Mermaid's Curse/ Proportion Productions/ Special Effects Make-Up & Prosthetics/ Director: Louisa Warren/ Producer: Scott Chambers

Olga/ London Academy of Film/ Special Effects and Prosthetics Make-Up Artist/ Director: Tennyson Pinheiro

Acid Pitt Stop/ (Feature Film)/ Silent Studios/ Wigs, Make-Up/ Director: Duncan Newham/ (featuring Bruce Payne)

The Hell Experiment/ (Feature Film)/ Independent/ Make-Up Artist/ Director: Ricardo Benz

The Heartbroke Hitman/ (Feature Film)/ Straight Curve/ Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Director: Jon Santilli

Glove Compartment/ (Short Film)/ Major Zeus/ Special Effects Make-Up/ Director: Dan Allen/ (featuring Jon Campling)

I Do/ (Short Film)/ Make-Up Artist/ Director: Ivana Rados- Zurwoski/ (featuring Guy Combes)

Shere Hite/ (Documentary)/ PSI Films/ Make-Up & Hair/ Director: Paul Sullivan/ (featuring Shere Hite)

Audition/ (Short Film)/ D A Films/ Special Effects Make-Up Artist/ Director: Dan Allen

Zombie Office/ (Short Film)/ JK Films/ Make-Up Assistant/ Director: Johan Kruger


True Stories/ Episodes 1 & 2/ BBC Learning/ Lambent Productions/ (Children's TV)/ BAFTA nominated production/ Daily Make-Up Artist/ Director: Emma Wakefield

Fairytales/ BBC Learning/ Lambent Productions/ (Children's TV)/ daily Make-Up Artist Assistant/ Director: Ema Wakefield

Tony Robinson's Gods & Monsters/ (Factual TV)/ Channel 4/ Lifecast Ltd, Elstree Studios/ Prosthetics Sculpting Work Experience/ Director: John Schoonraad

Hollyoaks/ (TV Soap)/ Lime Pictures/ Make-Up & Hair Department Work Experience/ Director: Faye Ward

Zombielands Promotions/ (Promo)/ Sony Pictures Television/ Spinnaker/ Props Hire, Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Director: Miranda Hazelwood

Football Documentary/ (Documentary)/ Camberwell Studios/ Make-Up & Hair/ Director: Sam Parkinson

Music Videos, Festivals & Live Gigs

Aborted/ Expurgation Euphoria/ Century Media Records/ Creative Junkie Media/ Props Designer, Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Director: Phil Berridge

BBC 2 Naked Choir with Gareth Malone/ Episode 5/ Retless Symphony/ In the Hall of the Mountain King/ (TV Series)/ Twenty Twenty TV/ Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Director: Annabell Monks

Marci Phonix/ Black Friday/ Link Up TV/ Prosthetics & Special Effects/ Director: Marci Phonix / (featuring Marci Phonix)

Basement Torture Killings, (BTK)/ Severed Head Fellatio/ Creative Junkie Media/ Life Cast Supervisor, Prosthetics Designer & Special Effects/ Director: Phil Berridge

Angelspit/ Toxic Girl/ London College of Communication/ Special Effects Make-Up/ Director: Tamas Mesmer

Press to Mecco/ Affinity/ Lewis Cater/ Props Hire, Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Director: Lewis Cater

Attention Thieves/ Tell Me What Are You Scared Of?/ Lewis Cater/ Special Effects Make-Up & Prosthetics/ Director: Lewis Cater

Davoodi/ Night Out/ Crunk'D Records/ Videoink/ Make-Up Artist Assistant/ Director: Adam Barker

Reading Festival/ Bla Bla Car/ Face Painter

Scutum Crux/ Terrorizer: Road to Perdition/ Electrowerkz, Angel, London/ Body Painter & Special Effects/ Director: Bogdan Staniec & Bartosz Jaszczyszyn, (Bartuk)

BTK/ Snuff Fest/ Black Heart, Camden, London/ Special Effects Make-Up/ Director: Paul Foster-Dent

BTK/ Altars of Death Festival/ Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London/ Director: Paul Foster-Dent

Band Photoshoots

Ur_Saag/ (Band Photoshoot) / Ur_Saag/ Corpse Paint, Body Paint & Special Effects/ Director: Bogdan Staniec

Corporate Events

Cuttsy and Cuttsy/ Prosthetics Make-Up Artist/ Skin Cancer Workshop

Deutsche Bank/ Halloween Parties/ Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Director: Susan Books

V & A Museum/ Zombies/ Special Effects, Prosthetics & Hair/ Director: Naomi Alderman

Annabel's Private Member's Club/ Halloween/ Special Effects & Prosthetics

Phones 4 U/ (Promo)/ Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Director: Nic Foster

Fright Night & Cursed/ Halloween Scare Attraction Events/ Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Team Kinetix

Espresso Christmas Party/ London Dungeon/ Special Effects & Prosthetics

Let's Face It! Wembley Stadium Football Matches/ Paralympics/ Offical England Face Painter/ Director: Bibi Freeman

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Game/ (Live)/ Serious Business/ Electrowerkz, London/ Special Effects Make-Up

Bar Mitzvah/ Dorchester Hotel/ Special Effects & Prosthetics/ Tony Page Events


Cinderella: The World's Biggest Pantomime/ (Pantomime Promo)/ Camberwell Studios/ Make-Up & Hair/ Director: Sam Parker/ (featuring Dick & Dom, Bradley Walsh, Paul O'Grady)

V & A Museum/ Aladdin: Carry on Down the Cave/ Pantomime Make-Up Artist/ Director: Dam Cathy Haille

The Bovary Tale/ Highgate Theatre, London/ Wigs Mistress/ Director: Laura Steel (featuring Sophie Austin)

The Witches/ Merchant Taylor's School/ Prosthetics/ Director: Dameon Garnett


Cushh Clothing Ltd/ Tristar Television Ltd/ Catwalk Make-Up & Hair/ Director: Sasha

Skin Camouflage Technician

British Association of Skin Camouflage, Margary & Miller Solicitors, 3D Rehab Solicitors, Speed Medical Solicitors


ALRA drama school, Colchester Institute, John Ruskin Sixth Form College, Masbro Centre, Groundwork East Youth Group, Mersea Island